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I don't like you, but I love you [02 Apr 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

It's quite windy outside.

I'm tired...later I have to interview my grandma b/c of stupid Miss Kellett and her stupid assignment.

I think I need to sleep more

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Remember I'll always be true [24 Mar 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Ok...yesterday...very good day!

School was bad of course but after school...totally made my day.

Kyra came over. Of course we had to watch a little Hard Day's Night cuz that's like a tradition. I hate FEET and Kyra kept putting them on meeeeeeeeeeee...but I got her bak- with hair ties...actually no...she kept hitting me. Then we went to Blockbuster to try to find "Help" but it wasn't there. So we walked to Caribou and I accidently got this drink that had a buttload of coffee in it :/ But it had chocolate in it so it was all good. When we got bak to my house we decided to play outside which was quite fun even though it was freezing. Kyra kept killing my with her "sword" hahahahahah. But it's ok cuz I got revenge. Then we made some art in the snow. Unfortunately-today almost all the snow melted so it's kinda gone. Then we had to eat but after we made a story and o yeah- it was awesome. I am very happy to announce that Kyra now likes The Rasmus!!!! YAY!!!! We watched the In the Shadows video...omg...Lauri is hot...then we went to c Ice Princess at like 10 hahahaha...we were the only ppl in the theater!!!

Tegan and Sara were on tv last night...o no wait...it would b this morning. I was watching it!!!

I'm so happy cuz I got to eat Taco Bell today!!!!

Kyra's name is now KFC- HAH HAH! LOT

*oink* *oink*

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I don't like you, but I love you [22 Mar 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

So today felt like a Monday but WHOO HOO it's not!

School was school...Spanish club was canceled...but it's not like we do nething in there neway.

I can't seem to concentrate...and I feel bad b/c when I ask sum1 a question...and they answer I don't listen to their answer. I mean I really want to know what they say but I can't seem to focus. Does that happen to ne1 or is it just me? My mommy gets really mad when I do that cuz I'll ask her the same question like 10 times...

I would just like to say CONGRADULATIONS to Samantha for making JV soccer at Stoney!!! :)

Kyra is a really easy person to talk to. I'm glad that at least one person knows how I feel and doesn't judge me when I'm mad and saying things I don't mean...
Lauren listens to me too

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY!!!! I'm really excited for Easter this year! Dk y...

Ok so Saturday was my Uncle's St. Patrick's Day party...my cousin's window fell out! HAH HAH HAH!!!! He's lucky it didn't break!!

I have decided to name my guitar Richard...

*oink* *oink*

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I have no time for you right now, don't bother me [18 Mar 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

A Hard Day's Night...best movie in the entire world! Whoo!

"Hello Grandfather"
"Oh, so he can talk then, can he?"
"Of course he can talk, he's a human being, isn't he?"
"Well if he's your grandfather who knows, ha ha ha ha"

"Give us a kiss"

"I shall call the Guard."
"Ahh but what? They don't take kindly to insults, you know."

"Hey Mister? Can we have our ball back?"

"I was framed. I'm innocent, I don't want to go. Bet ya can't guess what I was in for." *cackle cackle*

"Now Pauly, don't mock the afflicted."
Oh come off it, it's only a joke"
"It may be a joke, but it's his nose. He can't help having a hideous great hooter, and a small head, trembling under the weight of it."

"He comes from a very large family."

"We know how to behave, we've had lessons."

"Ah, the filthy Englander. Gutten Morgan." < Yeah...I don't no how to spell it

"Oh Britainia, Britainia rules the..." *SpLaSh*

"Help Ich, Headphones, Help me!!" *Glub glub glub*
"Torpeoed again eh?"

"So I plugged her in and she just blew up"

"How did you find America?"
"Turn left at Greenland"

"Would you say you're a mod or a rocker?"
"Um no, I'm a mocker."

"What do you call that hairstyle you're wearing?"

"What do you call that collar?"
"A collar."

"He's very fussy about his drums. They loom large in his legend."

"Turn around, chickie baby"

"All you have is that BOOK"


Quiero dormir! Necesito agua. No me gusta Arturo. El es muy *scary*

Ahhhh... The Beatles were amazing...well, I guess in a way they still are amazing.

Do you know why they call him Ringo when his real name is Richard?

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Before this dance is through, I think I'll love you too [12 Mar 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So today is SATURDAY!!
My daddy went up north so I get to take care of the chicks!!! I love them so much! They have 5 TOES! AnD feathers on them too. Whoa...that's just crazy.
I need to name them soooo...any suggestions?
There're 7... and one more that still in the egg but I hope it comes out cuz one time the chick couldn't get out by itself so my dad helped it and then the bird wasn't strong enough so it died. :(

I really need to clean my room for tomorrow!

Yesterday my dad told me sum very cool things about "A Hard Day's Night"
First, at the beginning when John, Ringo, and George are trying to get on the train and they're running...George falls. Well, I though that was supposed to be in it. but no, he actually tripped and they just kept shooting!! Ah hah hah

And the title of the song/movie actually came from Ringo. He was saying sumthing like "Whoo, It's been a hard day's night" and then that's where they got that! Ringo also came up with 8 days a week by saying "It feels like I've been working 8 days a week" Or sumthing like that... Awww Ringo's quite clever!

And then... this doesn't have to do with the movie but one time The Beatles were playing sumwhere and people thought Ringo was jewish b/c of his nose!!! And ppl were trying to kill the jews...so Ringo had all these guards around him "protecting" him!! And Ringo was playing his drums laughing b/c first of all he's not Jewish, and then b/c he was wondering wat the guards were gonna do if sum1 shot at him! Awww...I love Ringo!
I love them ALL!!!

Well, I really should clean for tomorrow!

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So why don't we go, somewhere only we know [13 Feb 2005|10:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So today... GREAT DAY!
Sam came over...saw Hitch. What a FUNNY MOVIE! OMG... I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Of course Sam is the one who made me laugh!! WHY IS THAT BABY ALWAYS CRYING?!?! AH HAH HAH!!! And OMG... her sister is soooo hott! HAH! Yeah... I'm crazy...NO FRANKENMUTH! I wanted to go soooooooooo much! Ah well...

OoOoOoO... DeSpErAtE HoUsEwIvEs!!! She hit the old lady with an egg!!! AHHHHHHH HAH HAH HAH!

OMG... the girl was ShAkInG in her chair! Oh no...once that music gets going and it's suspenseful! Hah! LMAO!!! Don't fall down the stairs! "What are ya trying to do- KILL ME?!?!" Ha! The old man ALMOST sat on my drink!

Crazy James and the Money tree??! Wtf?!? And Pat? Wat a liar!!!!

Samantha's too FuNnY! ;)

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[31 Jan 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was Monday! O...yes! So my weekend...

Friday- went to Borders with Angneus. Omg... there was these ppl there for this poetry thing. And then by the cds there was a guy playing his guitar and singing! He was so good! And he was hott, which was a plus. But then there were stupid girls all around him. It was kinda funny- but not really...AND... I found the third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book! I bought it and it's soooo good!!!

Saturday- babysat for the devil children. Christopher wasn't allowed to take his ADD medicine so he was going crazy... and Jerome is just bad. He kept hitting me! And throwing things at me...:/ Grrr... And then... Daisy (their dog) wanted to go outside and I wasn't sure if I should let her go out or not but Christopher said to so I did. Well, yeah, she ran away and I couldn't c her. So I was freaking out and Christopher kept calling her and she wouldn't come back. Then she finally came back and it was all good. But ok these kids do not listen to their mom. She told them to go to bed and they ignored her. And then they finally went but kept sneaking out. Oh... yeah... and Christopher got marker on the couch...ohhh...

Sunday- read my wonderful books!! HAH! My uncle Steve came over. HAH HAH! We were eating dinner and he had ADD (or sumthing) and he kept shaking in his chair, which made me do it too... and then he was eating SOOO FAST... and I started rushing and my mom was rushing too. And so my mom asked him if he'd been drinking...lol...he said no...

So today...had third lunch. AND saw JK! With Angneus! I'm so happy PD days r this week... I wonder if Spanish club is over...?

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[26 Jan 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I did my homework and now I'm so happy! I love ZANE... haha hah hah! Even though he's not real.

So I was thinking... the TILTED HOUSE... perhaps the house really isn't even tilted. I think b/c it's on a hill, the road is titled... Sooooo that means that we r tilted when we drive by it! That's crazyness!!!! HAH!

I love school oh so much! And I can't wait for tomorrow! Perhaps we'll have a snow day... never know... I hope we do though...

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I love Lauri! [25 Jan 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

There comes a time for every vampire when the idea of eternity becomes momentarily unbearable. Living in the shadows, feeding in the darkness, with only your own company to keep, rots, into a solitary, hollow, existance. Immortality seems like a good idea, until you realize your going to spend it alone. So I went to sleep, hoping that the sounds of the passing eras would fade out, and a sort of death might happen. But as I lay there the world didn't sound like the place I had left, but something different, better. It became worthwhile to rise again as new gods were born and worshipped, night and day they were never alone. I would become one of them.

Whether it was that first meal, or 100 years of rest, I'm not sure. But suddenly I was feeling better than ever. My senses so high they led me straight to the instrument of my resurrection, playing in my old house...

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You must be dead to the world [24 Jan 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

It's Monday! I think everyone needs to b a little bit nicer on Mondays. I'm sure that Monday is very sad that everyone hates it. Everyone LOVES Friday but Monday...

I think I'm getting sick and that really sux b/c getting sick sux...

My house is freezing but it's all good cuz I'm wearing exactly 6 shirts... no joke and some very warm socks...

I smell a candle burning somewhere and it smells really good so I might have to steal it and put it in my room... Gwah hah hah!

I still can't believe that Danny is in my 4th hour. I mean I haven't seen him in what... 4 years and all the sudden he sits next to me... weird.

HAHAHAH... my brother is dancing in his room to ELVIS! Wat a loser...lol! Jk...

We were walking next to JK today! YAY! On the way home from school, my bus almost hit 2 trucks and almost knocked down a sign or two. And it got stuck in my neighborhood... hah hah hah!

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Come out, come out, wherever you are [23 Jan 2005|04:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So this weekend is almost over and that really sux cuz I'm not looking foward to school. I hate school... I love just staying home and doing nothing. I don't have to worry about waking up or studying or doing hw. School is too stressful and I DON'T WANT TO GO BAK! Only half more year to go!

I'm so tired right now even though I slept a lot. And to make everything better I have to babysit. I'm so tired of babysitting. Why can't my dad take care of everyone when my mom's not home? Why must I watch them? I could be at the mall with Angneus... but instead...I'm at home babysitting...

Well I should prolly go... the monsters are getting into trouble...

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The wonderful world of buses [12 Jan 2005|05:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ok... today wasn't that bad.

History... exam... I think I did good? Ok...:/?

Biology... exam... I got a 90%! That's amazing... I thought I was gonna fail!

And omg... I got to pick through the garbage! Yay! Thanx to Mrs. Murphy...

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Smile like you mean it [10 Jan 2005|03:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So today was pretty good! OMG... the HoT SeNiOr always sits in the bak... and I don't like being early to thst class... lol... but Chelsea said I can find her and not b so scared ;)

So i'm gonna completly fail all exams...:/

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How much of this can I really take? [07 Jan 2005|07:29pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Ok... so as of right now I'm in a really bad mood. I'm so tired of getting blown off... and I know I'll be over this by Monday... maybe even in like an hour, but it still makes me so mad. AHHHHH... How many more times is this gonna happen???

O well... w/e

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We walk amoungst you feeding, raping... Must we hide from everyone? [03 Jan 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok so today... bak at school...which was a lot better than I thought it would be.

O... wat a GREAT DAY!

History- I was told that the test we have on Monday is optional... u can take it if you want... VERY COOL

Biology- Hmm... o yes... did a worksheet. How very exciting. Angneus makes me laugh... HAH... me and my CrAzYnEsS dreams! WITH JK!!!! HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!!! And OMG... I found STUART'S glasses!! I saved them from the pool. Beautiful... Wonderful Stuart! ;)

Adv. Algebra- talked to Chelsea... which is always nice. Ahhh... ADAM! Lol...I really don't like "little" cuts... hah... *note my reference to "Queen of the Damned" Lol...

Spanish- Crazy- as always... Omg... OMG. That Raquel... what a little flirt... she made Arturo a... a.... A... HEAD MADE OUT OF VEGETABLES. And u gotta love that nice suspenseful African music in the backround. AND Holy CRAP... taking a picture is just SOOOOOOOO HILARIUS... I mean of course. Omg...LMAO... Raquel is such a loon...ah hah hah hah hah hah

English- Uhh... wat can I say... we've got some pretty interesting people on that class

Sociology- Horrible HORRIBLE class. I'm so extremely happy that it's almost DONE! YAY!!! I finished 100 of my index cards... and I only have 34 more to do! Wow! I hate her... I HATE HER. Crazy psycho who will chase you and tackle you if u don't use the computers the right way...AHHH...

OMG... I saw a picture of ANDY! HAH HAH!!!! YAY! And now I can write in Irish...well not really yet... but I will soon! ;) OOOOO.... I HAD COOKIES!!!

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You see I'm falling in a vast abyss [01 Jan 2005|02:29pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

School starts in 2 days. That really sux.
We got a new computer!!!! It's so nice... I really don't have nething to say.

I got Queen of the Damned for Christmas!!! OMG... best movie ever!! My uncle has these contacts that are white and they make ur eyes "shine" That's so cool...Vampire eyes...lol!

Rumi is leaving....that's so sad...I'm gonna miss her so much. But at least she'll be with her mom in Japan.

Omg... I feel so bad b/c SAm called me Christmas day and I didn't look at my phone until today... so I just got the message...and I sry. :)

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[27 Oct 2004|08:07am]
[ mood | busy ]

I just finished my history paper. It only took like 10 minutes. Oh..well. OMG...the clocks still aren't working. I rely ont hem all day and now they aren't on?!?!
I have 2 tests today...one next hour and then one 3rd hour.

Omg, I'm so tired...

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Levanta la mano, por favor... [26 Oct 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Spanish Club was today... we didn't really do much, but it was surprisingly fun. I didn't know Katie until today, though she's in my biology.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Lauren is also incredibly funny.

Good times. Irish accents are hot. They are. And Angneus' cousins are coming for Easter or somehting and I'm going to talk to them... so I can hear them talk...

The election is comning up and I've never been happier. Can't wait until it's over...

I just studied quite hard for my 2 tests tomorrow... I better do good!

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2 in 1 day...it's a miracle... [25 Oct 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Ok so here's my day...
1st- Hah! Mr. Dieters... he's crazy. I got 100% on my test!! The best part is I didn't even read the chapter... that's gotta say something.
2nd- I luv Ms. Boss! She makes me laugh so much! Didn't really do nething today. The good news of the day is- Dorothy is still ALIVE!! Our guppy is a healthy little thing! Igor III, Philip, Pinky, Sophia, and Marlin are all still alive. They're eating good. Ok yeah...I'm a little odd...
3rd- had quite an interesting convo about Saturday night live...I hate Ashley Simpson!!!;)
4th- discussed violent things that happened over the weekend. And watched DESTINOS!!! YaY! Sooo suspenseful!!!
5th- peer editing. Not very exciting
6th- read the story about the X child. And had a debate about "gender" Quite interesting.

Yeah so that was my WONDERFUL day! I just felt like typing and I shared my day with every1 too!

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What will be will be [25 Oct 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Ok...I just burned myself... this sux so incredibly much...ahhh...
My back really hurts and I'm all sore and I have no idea why.
Hmmm... very mysterious...lol

Omg...Jk...wore really short pants today!! Omg... Angneus'll now what I'm talking about

Halloween is coming up...I'm so excited!! Lotsa fun!!!

I don't really have nething exciting to say... school was school...nothing interesting happened.
Although the Ashley Simpson story was very entertaining... that really sux for her. But I think it's funny cuz I really don't like her.

I read a story about an X today. It was an X child. No one knew if it was a boy or girl. It was a HUGE scientific experiment. And so they taught X how to do girl things and boy things. And then allthe kids started acting like X's. It was very intersting. I think the X is a boy. Idk why but I do...

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